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CONNECTION – Reduction for French Horn and Piano

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For Salvador Navarro


Concerto for French Horn and Symphony Orchestra

(Piano reduction)

 A connection with the public is one of the main reasons why a work remains alive. Music has the ability to enter the soul of the listener, to make him or her feel different sensations and to remove certain feelings.

This is one of the goals and challenges of my music, and in this case, one of the aims of this work, “Connection”, Concerto for Horn and Symphony Orchestra.

The main feature of the work is the variety in the musical discourse, from my point of view, each day is more necessary to captivate the attention and create a direct connection with the listener, making the musical message reach the listener via the solo instrument, the horn.

Mystery, anger, complicity, humor or passion are part of the main aesthetic ingredients used in this new concerto, whose purpose is to immerse the listener in the work through a fusion of styles and a varied harmonic language.

The orchestration is very colorful, always leaving the necessary space for the soloist to be the central axis of the work, which maintains a constant dialogue with the rest of the Symphony Orchestra throughout the work.

“Connection” is conceived as a concerto in a single movement without pauses, divided into a great mysterious introduction, followed by four different sections, which have the character of a march, scherzando, a slow and a grand finale.

It is truly important to delve into each of the four sections of the work in order to make a stylistic difference between them, necessary to avoid the disconnection of the listener.

Oscar Navarro


Oscar Navarro