Frecuently Asked Questions


May I provide a billing address different from the shipping address in my order?

Yes, after adding the product to the cart and clicking check out, you will be presented with a form where you will fill in the billing details first (for the invoice). If the shipping address you want is a different address than this one, click on the Send to a Different Address? tab down below and there you will add the address where you want us to send the package. If, on the other hand, you want your billing and shipping address to be the same, it will suffice to fill in only the billing details.

May I make a purchase without being registered and having a profile?

Yes, it is not mandatory to be registered to make any purchase in our online store.

Will I know the final price of an order (my order plus postage to my country)?

Yes, you can start the purchase process by adding the products you want to the cart and click on “check out”. You will then be presented with a form in which you can select the country of destination, and automatically the shipping costs will be added, obtaining the final purchase price.


What payment methods can I choose to make a purchase at the online store?

You can make the payment of your purchase by Credit / Debit Card and Bank Transfer.

What types of cards can I use to make the payment?

Our collection system accepts a wide range of national and international cards. We recommend using VISA, MasterCard, and American Express cards. Some cards include a security system called “Secure Payment”, where it is necessary to add a pin number that is normally sent to your mobile phone when you have requested the payment and that it is necessary to finalize the purchase. If your card is not accepted in our payment gateway, you can choose a second payment option: Bank Transfer, which transfers the payment directly to our bank account.

How do I make a purchase through Bank Transfer?

Choose “Bank Transfer” as the payment method and complete the purchase process. At the end of the purchase process, the screen will show all your order information and the necessary information to make the bank transfer. Please use the purchase order number as reference in the bank wire. Make sure that any expense or commission for making the bank transfer is charged to the issuer (client) and not to the recipient (Oscar Navarro Music). The order will not be shipped until the full amount has been received in our account.


Can I buy works from Oscar Navarro Music publishing in digital format (pdf)?

No, the sale of our scores is made exclusively in physical form (on paper).

What is the price of a work?

The prices are indicated in our online shop on each and every one of the works. The prices indicated do not include VAT or shipping costs.

Can I request additional parts of the instrument works in different keys?

No, all our works come with a standard European template together with a small extra set of more common additional sheet music.

Can I buy a complete Set (conductor score and parts) for Symphonic Band and an additional conductor score for the same piece?

Yes, in our online store we have an exclusive section of conductor scores. You can access that section and add any additional conductor scores to your purchase.


What is the estimated delivery time of the packages?

Estimated delivery time for purchase is:

– Spain: 3 to 7 business days

– Rest of Europe: 5 to 15 business days

– Destination that is not Spain or Europe: From 5 to 25 working days

Why has my package been delayed more than the estimated time?

– International parcels may sometimes be held at customs due to random routine checks. If your package has been held, the delivery date may be delayed a few days longer than stipulated.

– During holiday periods (Christmas, Easter, holidays…) the packages may experience delays in delivery.

Can I place an urgent or expedited order?

No, all our shipments are made as standard certified packages.

Can I choose / detail the time in which my package will arrive?

No, the company with which we work, CORREOS, has its stipulated drop-off times, so we cannot modify them.

Can I track my package?

Yes, as long as you contact us directly in the contact form of the online store and detailing your order number.


Do we work with distributors or publishers to distribute our music?

No, our entire catalog of works by composer Oscar Navarro is sold exclusively in our online store. Oscar Navarro Music is not responsible for any resale made by other distributors / publishers.

Are discounts offered to distributors / publishers to buy music?

No, we do not offer discounts or special prices to distributors / publishers since our catalog is for sale exclusively in our online store.

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