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THE MOUNTAINS OF SWITZERLAND – Symphonic Poem for Wind Band

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Piece commissioned for the “XXIV Bernische Kantonal-Musikfest, 2019”


Symphonic Poem for Wind Band


“The Mountains of Switzerland” is a Symphonic Poem inspired by the valleys and mountains representative of Switzerland.

The route is seen through the eyes of an eagle that rises up in flight and crosses the extensive valleys and mountains that cover the whole geography of the country, such as the Swiss Alps, the birth of the Rhine River, the great and deep valleys and the extensive meadows in which the eagle stops to take a break and watch the cows graze.

In the distance, like a murmur, we hear soft musical notes coming from a small village. A festive melody performed by a typical group of musicians that gradually immerses us in the party in the village tavern, making us part of it.

Once the party ends, the eagle again takes flight to return to where he came from, leaving behind the green meadows, mountains, rivers and those festive musical notes that continue to resound from the small village.

“The Mountains of Switzerland” is an energetic work, full of color and freshness that unleashes the imagination. A tour of one of the most impressive places on the planet that will make us feel one of the pleasures most desired by human beings, such as that of feeling free and flying.

Oscar Navarro


Oscar Navaro