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II CONCERTO – For Clarinet in Bb and Wind Band

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For Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra

(Transcription for Clarinet and Wind Band)

The Second Concerto for Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra was a commission of the “Valencia Music Institute” and dedicated to clarinetist José Franch Ballester. The work was written between November-December 2011 and January 2012.

The shape of this concerto is in one movement with 3 main sections clearly identifiable. In the majority of the course of the piece, his language is within a tonal language with lots of colors and a very rich orchestration. The work exploits most of the technical possibilities of the clarinet while in many parts is treated as the instrument par excellence in all of us, the voice.

The first major section of the work will be divided into two parts, a very cantabile style tinged with ethnic / new age, unlike the second, completely contrasting style and different as is the typical flamenco music of Spanish folklore. This part will be accompanied by one of the instruments used in the world of flamenco, the palms. Clarinet, Wind Band and clappers will be responsible for creating this dance that takes us to the two large section of the work, the slow.

This second section, with a minimalist touch, exploits the dynamic possibilities of expression of the clarinet, becoming at times very close to the human voice. The pianissimo and the high level of expression come to hypnotize the listener until the climax, when the orchestra was founded on a great time and feeling energized, giving way to relax when final, ethereal and floating character with certain strokes Impressionists.

The last section, the prestisimo, is framed in a big dance where the clarinetist and operate any technical virtuosity, being cornerstone dialogue between Clarinet and Wind Band, very present throughout the course of this last section.

Oscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro