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THINGS OF DESTINY – Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano

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For my girlfriend Noelia Belijar
Violin, cello and piano trio

“Things of Destiny” is a violín, cello and piano trio, dedicated to my girlfriend, Noelia and premiered in May of 2009 in “Bovard Auditorium” at the University of Southern California (USC, Los Angeles), during the Charity Gala for the fight against cancer organized by Don Inocencio Arias, Spanish Consul in Los Angeles.
This work is divided into four parts in which two main contrasting themes are presented, both rhythmically and melodically. Throughout the entirety of this piece each instrument becomes a protagonist, being for each of them an ambitious and attractive challenge in which the enjoyment of music is the cornerstone of feeling the magic of “Things of Destiny”.
“For my girlfriend, Noelia, with all my affection, because the things of destiny are what brought us together again”

Oscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro