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CONDUCTOR SCORE – TRIPS (Symphonic Poem for Wind Band)

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Symphonic Poem for Wind Band

TRIPS was composed over the summer months of 2005, during which the composer visited different cities in Germany and, before that, in Spain; hence, the title of the Symphonic Poem.

The work is divided in two movements in which the different feelings and moods any traveler experiences are described. Feelings of joy, sadness, excitement and great moments of melancholy.

As the work progresses great rhythmic themes appear that are reminiscent of the constant hustle and bustle of any trip: cars, luggage, having to rush, the pressures that a trip can entail and where it is almost impossible to find a moment to rest.

The slow themes immerse us in melancholy moments once night falls; moments in which memories mix with the darkness, offering us endless melodies and harmonies that lead us, almost without realizing it, to the last part of the work in which are describe the exciting plane journeys, visits to large cathedrals and monuments and the much awaited return home.

Oscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro