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CONDUCTOR SCORE – LIBERTADORES (Symphonic Poem for Wind Band)

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Symphonic Poem for Wind Band

The work was commissioned for the 39th edition of the International Musical Band Contest “Vila d’Altea” with the theme of “Peoples of America” being central to this year’s competition.

“Libertadores” is a piece divided into two parts: the first, inspired by the Amazon River and the second, dedicated to the leaders for independence or so-called “liberators” of South America, Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin represented by a fanfare.

The first section tries to drop us into the heart of the Amazon River, with its characteristic landscapes, indigenous tribes, songs, etc. The use of voice and body percussion, are indispensable tools when reproducing indigenous songs, helping give a touch of color to the work.

The second section is fully dedicated to the Libertadores (Liberators) in March-Fanfare form. Of a martial and triumphant character, the main theme cycles through the different sections of the band until reaching a final burst where a group of military drums lifts the theme of the “liberators” to the highest levels.

Both the musical content and the visual content of the work are fundamental parts in conveying to the public the idea of diving into the heart of the Amazon and forms part of the triumphant fanfare of the end of “Libertadores”.

For me, it is essential that the musician enjoy the music and that the content be attractive to both him/her and the public.

My ideology of music is to seduce and captivate both musician and audience through sensations, and not try to “musically trap”.

An seduced and captivated audience is a loyal audience that will return to taste that “nectar / music” that has been offered. An audience trapped by force, sooner or later will cease to be interested.

Libertadores has all the ingredients for enjoyment, to generate an explosion of sensations that splash anyone with a minimum of sensitivity, so that the musician has at its disposal a range of tools that make the audience “believes” what is hearing. That was and is my idea of ​​LIBERTADORES and, in general, of the music I like to do.

This is the challenge that I try to face every day when I start to write the first musical notes of a work for band, orchestra, chamber ensemble, music for film or any medium that allows me to express myself; and the means par excellence is, of course, the MUSIC.

Oscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro