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CONDUCTOR SCORE – EXPEDITION (Symphonic Poem for Wind Band)

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Symphonic Poem for Wind Band

A Symphonic Poem inspired by a journey to the freezing and mysterious waters of Antarctica that a group of inhabitants of a village prepares to undertake. It is a trip full of beauty, mystery and action.


The adventure begins with preparations at the Pier. A rhythmic dance in the first section of the piece submerges us in the heart of this place, where the ships galleys are being supplied for the great expedition.


After a long morning of preparations, the sound of a drum roll along with the French horns and trumpets indicate the time of departure. Once the journey has begun, the calmness and the cold waters of the Antarctic begin drawing us into a magical place, where big mountains of ice appear from under the water, forming a unique and captivating landscape.


After traveling through the beautiful mountains of ice we enter into the heart of the Antarctic, where the stillness is interrupted by a huge avalanche of snow.


During this section, which is purely rhythmic, the ships try to avoid colliding with icebergs, have to fight heavy snow and strong storms until they finally, after wrestling with Mother Nature, manage to escape safe and sound.


Once the danger has passed, a moment of solitude and peace (cello solo) covers the cold waters of the Antarctic, until a new day dawns and the expedition finally returns home.


On the horizon, a small silhouette appears out of nothing, our adventurers return to their harbor safe and sound.

Oscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro