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Oscar Navarro was specially commissioned to compose this Pasodoble by Antonio Estevan López in order to dedicate it with all affection to himself and his wife, Maria Gil, with whom he will celebrate, between courtship and marriage, 66 years.

With this pasodoble I have tried to express with music your greatness and nobility, Antonio, and of course, that of your wife, Maria. A happy music, elegant, unique and exclusive with a modern and fresh touch for two unique, one-of-a-kind persons who deserve the best of gifts.

Thank you, Antonio, for having faith in me for this commission. For me, music has always been one of the best gifts that one can give, and I am sure that your wife, Maria, will be eternally grateful.

Antonio, you are a lover of music and, thanks to you, a great many people have been able to enjoy it. You were for many years the vice-president and later a great collaborator with the Banda Unión Musical y Artística de Sax, doing a magnificent job for many years and adding a great many scores to the archives of the same, loving and growing your band with your great passion.

I hope that this pasodoble has sealed with music a friendship that began a few months ago with we met for the first time in La Viuda: your home.

Thank you so very much for your friendship and for contributing to the growth of this great genre of which we musicians are so proud: the Pasodoble

A big hug from your friend Oscar Navarro

In Sax (Alicante), November 2014

Oscar Navarro