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In memory of Jenaro Melguizo, young oboist


Concert Pasodoble


“Jenaro Melguizo” is a Concert Pasodoble for Wind Band dedicated to the young oboist for whom this piece is titled.

Composing a Pasodoble dedicated to someone is always something very special, but in this case, composing a Pasodoble for someone who is no longer with us requires and extra affection and appreciation, and, of course, an extra emotion that takes music beyond the heavens.

This pasodoble has certain overtones of fantasy, at times breaking with the traditional outlines of the Pasodoble form, but, of course, maintaining the essence of this genre during almost the entire course of the piece.

Throughout the musical process we will be traveling through different major and minor keys, trying to avoid a static discourse and entering into colorful music, harmonically and rhythmically speaking.

The Pasodoble begins with a brief, very fresh, rhythmic introduction in which the brass begin the musical discourse, later giving way to the woodwinds section which end this introduction with a end with arabesque overtones.

After the introduction, a small bridge in a minor key leads us to the first Pasodoble theme; an energetic theme by the brass, wrapped in a rhythmic ostinato mainly from the woodwinds and percussion.

After hearing this whole first marcato theme, a great explosion leads us to revisit this theme, this time with a much grander and more cantabile in which most of the band now takes the lead for the moment.

Then a small unexpected funny bridge leads us to the climax of this first part of the Pasodoble, introducing a second theme, much more festive and rhythmic.
After this explosion of color and rhythm, a new unexpected section takes the lead in the work; a section fed by the flamenco spirit that gives way with the presence of the flamenco box and clapping. This entire section serves and functions as a bridge towards the trio of the work.

The trio is presented with a suggestive and friendly melody, very tranquil and cantabile, with the oboe taking the lead in its repetition, the instrument of the protagonist of the piece “Jenaro Melguizo”. An elegant, sweet and captivating solo that leads us to the next section of the work, a great bridge that takes up the lively and energetic character of the beginning.

On this bridge, the presence of tubular bells and the contrapuntal dialogues of the brass gradually lift us up to the grand finale of Pasodoble, where again we hear the melody of the trio, but this time in a grandiose and very colorful way; and explosion of emotion that ends at the final Coda, an ending that once again offers a tip of the hat to flamenco and serves as a grand finale for this Pasodoble that I have composed with so much affection for Jenaro Melguizo, and which I am sure that, wherever he is, will cause him to smile with happiness and gratitude for such an immense gift, the best gift: MUSIC.


Oscar Navarro