by on December 12, 2018 in News

The prestigious Dutch Musical Rights Society “BUMA” has decided to award Spanish composer Oscar Navarro (Novelda, Alicante) for his great career and popularity within the field of music for Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra and Music for Films.
The composer will travel to the Netherlands next weekend to attend the Awards ceremony that will take place on Sunday December 16th and in which he will direct his most popular work “Libertadores” together with the “Fanfare St. Caecilia Schimmert ”
In addition, the BUMA rights society itself will extend the composer’s stay by inviting him to hold a series of conferences in several Dutch cities, where he will talk about his professional career and upcoming projects.

“It is a pleasure and an honor to receive this great international recognition from BUMA. Holland is the cradle of great musicians, a country with a lot of cultural richness, and the fact of having chosen me for this award is fantastic news that I will never forget, “says Navarro.

Among the next projects for 2019, we should highlight the new commission for French Horn Concerto by the Spanish National Orchestra that will be released in April 2019, as well as the premiere of his First Symphony “Hell and Heaven” commissioned by the “Primitiva de Lliria Wind Band” for the International Competition of Valencia 2019, and also the composition of the Original Soundtrack of the movie “The name partner” (director: Rene Rhi, USA) , and also a new concert tour with his Symphony Orchestra Orchestra “Oscar Navarro Symphony Orchestra” 2019.

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