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CREATION – Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano

Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello & Piano by Oscar Navarro

After the endless questions to the composer of all interested in the exciting world of composition, how and why the music comes in a blank sheet music, notes how the first born, what is in the development process of a work and especially how you feel and how the process inspiration in creating music from scratch, the answer to all this I wanted to show of course with music. There are no words to describe states by passing any operator at the time of embarking on a new piece, with which there is no better way for me with the music.

“Creation” comes to conveying the feelings of “empty” when confronted with a blank score, moments of inspiration from which springs music without knowing why, rhythmic and melodic cells that make the notes begin to have movement, and above all different moods of the composer what happens when faced with the score blank.

I Mov. In this first movement we see the following sections clearly framed in the score:
– “The mystery of the empty”
– “The idea”
– “Inspiration”
– “The climax of the day”

The beginning of the play confronts us with a score in white, empty, without any idea or reason to give us a clue of what to treat work or what we represent in this piece. Only obstinato into nothingness and sound improvised lines are created that state as intangible as the inspiration that soon will go on light. Slowly, after a tour of the imagination begins to emerge new chords, new rhythms, ideas that will lead to the moment of creation, moment when an idea comes, the “idea” that makes the music starts to flow.

Following a process of chain of melodies, rhythms, phrases, something takes shape.In fleeting moment raises the moment of inspiration , Now coveted and so difficult to explain.Something that comes through the roof, as water droplets that are channeling all ideas musical climax to a time where the notes are intertwined, slide, and form a “waltz” of infinity to the final sound.

II Mov.
– “The stillness of the night”
– “The Dream”
– “Midnight notes”
– “Obsession”

The first section of the Second Time is enveloped in the stillness of the night, fleeting notes and melodies that arise at the time of day more solitary. The following section represents the times when rest becomes a seesaw of letters, motifs, melodies that haunt the mind
make the dream become part of the creative process. Every creator has awakened a momentary burst or idea that makes you break interrupt to translate these musical motifs in the middle of night. Something very fleeting and ethereal, represented here by the rhythm of the clarinet, piano and cello later.

In conclusion, it comes in a passage which is anchored in the subconscious becoming an idea or motive “obsessive”, melody
inseparable from you that you came to infinity creating ever more and more stress and despair.

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