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TRIPS – Symphonic Poem for Wind Band

For Wind Ensemble by Oscar Navar

TRIPS was composed during the summer of 2005, while composer Navarro was travelling around different cities of Germany and Spain. This is the reason why this piece has been coined with this title.

In two different moments of the piece, the different feelings that arise from these two contrasting cultures are presented. It also attempts to portray the different mood swings of any traveler: happiness, sadness, strong emotions and big moments of melancholy.

As the piece progresses, several rhythmic themes are heard, and remind us of the constant motion and instability of any trip; cars, suitcases, everyone being in a hurry, and the surroundings of any busy orchestra or ensemble in tour, will all come to our mind. In this crowd of movement there is barely any room for quietness and rest.

The slow themes submerge ourselves in meloncholic moments once the sun has set. In moments like this, memories mix with the night, and with this idea in mind, infinite melodies and profound harmonies will take us to the end of the piece. Here, the composer will attempt to emulate the exiciting plane rides, big cathedral and monument visits, and finally, the so long sought after return home.

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