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CONCERTO – For Clarinet and Wind Band

Dedicated to the great Belgian clarinetist Eddy Vanoosthuyse, this concert was composed by Navarro in the Christmas of 2006. It was premiered in Brussels, March 2007.

CONCERTO for clarinet is a work full of emotions and rhythm. With a soft touch of Jazz it becomes a very easily enjoyable piece to all lovers of good music. At glance, this concerto exploits a wide range of the technical possibilities of the clarinet, making use of most of its range. The virtuosity it presents in much of the concerto nicely contrasts with some of its middle section, in which the melodies blend in with the environment, with a fresh and passionate approach.
During this section the composer is capable of pushing the limits of dynamics through the use of infinite pianissimos that hypnotize us until realizing of the pure essence of music
In the final section, he makes the clarinet virtuoso showcase his/her playing abilities whilst demonstrating the greatest technique, all wrapped up in a catchy rhythmic that will thrill us until the end.

It is a work intended for an audience open to rhythmic and harmonic variety, and who is willing to receive a series of sensations that only good music knows how to offer.

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