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Processional March

(Transcription for Symphony Orchestra)


“Osanna in Excelsis” was created in 2009 for the II National Competition for Processional Marches Composition “Memorial Manuel Font de Anta” of Sevilla. This work was composed during the composer’s stay in Los Angeles (California, USA), where he was studying Film and TV Composition.

“Osanna in Excelsis” was the first Processional March composed by Óscar Navarro, at the time not being able to imagine the impact it would have in the years to come.

Today it is an almost indispensable part of Holy Week in every corner of Spain.

In 2014, it was played at the National Auditorium of Spain (Madrid) in its version for Symphony Orchestra.

Technically, it is a march in which the use of harmonies (modal) creates a breech between the more traditional marches and the modern. The use of the less common modal harmony and rhythm has made “Osanna in Excelsis” awaken the interest of the members of the religious brotherhoods and the general public.

It is built on three main contrasting themes:

  • The first, of calm and melancholy character immerses us in an atmosphere of calm, solemnity and respect.
  • After hearing the first theme, a second breaks off completely with the feeling of the first section of the work. This second theme has a more martial character, charged with emotion and strength. The use of the trills in the woodwinds and strings, creating certain dissonance, makes this moment much more painful and penetrating, injecting an extra dose of strength and energy.
  • After this section, comes the calm. The third theme takes us to an intimate place, with just a rhythmic accompaniment in the woodwinds without the support of the basses, both lead us to the final part of the work, in which this theme returns with a much more triumphant and martial character.

Óscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro