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Overture for Symphony Orchestra


“New Dawn” is an overture inspired by a new dawn in which we can leave behind dark and unstable years in which humanity has been exposed to infinite turbulent changes that have put us to the test every day.

With this overture I would like to launch a positive message of light and hope, where the sound of music reigns over the sound of weeping and despair. An effervescent music, full of rhythm and color built through a simple theme with a certain childish tint, which evolves in a continuous crescendo until the end.

During the course of the overture, a couple of nods to Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 in e minor will be heard, which bring to mind the figure of maestro Odón Alonso, who ended his tenure as conductor of the “Festival Otoño Musical Soriano” [“Musical Autumn Festival Soriano”] by performing said symphony for which he had a special affection.

Every day offers us a new dawn, and every dawn is a new opportunity to continue enjoying the gift of life.


Óscar Navarro


Óscar Navarro