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JESÚS LACERADO – Processional march for metals, cornets and drums

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Dedicated to the Cofradía del Ecce Homo de Novelda for its 25th Anniversary (2021)


Processional March for metals, cornets and drums


“Jesús Lacerado” is a Processional March for brass, cornets and drums inspired by the last minutes in which Jesus is flogged and later shown to the people.

A Processional March with a great dramatic charge in whose beginning or introduction are reflected, through the percussion section, the sounds of the last lashes and the drama and pain of the moment.

After the introduction, the first theme begins, which is solemn and at the same time painful, showing the figure of Jesus flogged and ready to carry all our sins.

After the presentation of the first theme, a bridge begins that grows in strength and tension until it is resolved in a new section, in which a grand cornet solo becomes the protagonist. A solo that shows the figure of Jesus carrying all our sins and ready to forgive all the pain that runs through his body and his soul.

After the solo, a new bridge, with a grandiose character, leads us to the re-presentation of the first theme, this time presented with much more force, rhythm and emotion, leading to a great final cadence that puts a final end to “Jesús Lacerado.

                                                                                                Oscar Navarro



Óscar Navarro