Recording session “Sueños de Sal”

The documentary tells the story of four people from Novelda who have fought for their dreams, despite the many difficulties that have been encountered along the way. Alejandro, a blind child who plays the piano; Irene, a young woman with spina bifida who wants to become independent and have their own home; Simon, an athlete who wants to travel to Thailand to perfect the martial art practiced professionally, Muay Tai and Mariano, a truck driver whose dream is to learn to play guitar at 62.

The film talks about human determination, on the spirit of perseverance and strength of the individual when it seems that all is lost, knowing turn challenges into opportunities and challenges.

Listen to the song “Sueños de Sal” here


Music for the film “La Mula” Report on the recording B.S.O the Spanish film “La Mula” recorded in Kiev.

Film starring Mario Casas, Maria Valverde, Secun de la Rosa and Pepa Rus and others.

“Only 3 months to the end of the Spanish civil war. A humble place is a lost white mule in the middle of the fight. With his mule and four hundred pesetas in his pocket he will try to woo the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Based on a true story”.

La Mula

Feature movie by 2 times nominee Director Michael Radford.

Stars: Mario Casas and María Valverde
Music by: Oscar Navarro

Indiana Jones and the search for the lost Idol

Short Film

Great tribute to American director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams, an inseparable tandem that marked a before and after in the film industry.
History / Adventure inspired by one of the most famous hero that gave birth to Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, all viewed from the perspective of the Spanish director, Fran Casanova and original music by Oscar Navarro

Till the Dolls Are Quiet
Help me to remember

Short Film

Soundtrack of the last Short by director Fran Casanova “Help me to remember,” a short about an illness very present in our days, Alzheimer’s, specially treated with a touch of positivism that need those sufferers and their families. .. goes for all of them!

Embroidering the Border

Short Film

Miguel Canales and his wife learn that their 3 year-old daughter has a brain tumor and needs surgery. After paying a considerable fee, a smuggler agrees to guide him through the desert. As they attempt the perilous desert crossing, they come across Tammy, a disoriented 9 year-old girl. The girl brings them to the sight of a grizzly car accident where his mother is pinned in side the vehicle. Miguel wants to help the girl and her mother, but is threatened at gunpoint by his companion. Miguel must make the choice: continue his journey or stay with the girl and lose the chance of help in ghis family.

Kratos exiles

Short film

Cast: Aitor Sánchez, Pedro Jaén R.
Music: Oscar Navarro

Channel nº5

Short Film

Short movie by director Aarón garcia. The Marylin Monroe last 10 minutes of life.

Music by Oscar Navarro


La Cicatriz

Short Film

The past is always part of the present, and sometimes causes pain.

When it snow son the ice of hell

Short Film

Short film by director Pedro Jaen. Hundreds of miles of the earth only 2 survivors of an expedition will give their lives for something they bind to the death.

Story of a murderer

Short Film

Emma needs help from Matt to save her life. But if he does he shall perish forever. Would you be willing to sacrifice to save another’s life?

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